Monday, April 11, 2011

This is EXACTLY what this blog was made for!

so, ERV runs a rather fantastic science blog over at, well, science blogs

she is involved with cool research that is WAYY more applicable to humans than my future work, but this isn't about that


this post is about the newest threat to human life: homologous recombinaltion tiniker

far be it from me to explain this most dangerous threat to our brains; just follow that link (or maybe this one is better),  read about it yourself and return here




as i said, this is exactly the kind of thing my blog was made for

i have been training for this my whole life you guys

here goes! (after the jump, of course)

........aaaaaaaaaand i'm done here for now. if anyone has any more, just link 'em in the comments and i will edit them into this post!

EDIT:  first submission from a good friend of mine

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