so here are some other science blogs that i like

Why Evolution is True- Jerry Coyne wrote the book on Speciation. no really, he did.

Pharyngula-  PZ Myers makes me feel less afraid to curse on the internet. 

Blag Hag- not only does Jen have good things to say, her blog has a lot of links to other good blogs!

Bug Girl's Blog- Bug Girl is like Jen, but more specifically about...well..bugs! good posts and good links here

Myrmecos- Amazing photography of ants as well as interesting information about ants!

It's Okay To Be Smart- Joe and I first started talking on tumblr, and I quite like him

Denim and Tweed- Jeremy Yoder is studying the ways in which interactions between species shape the history of life on Earth. He has some interesting work on Yucca plants and Yucca moths, and he is a very nice man. We also met accidentally and briefly. Neither of us really remember it but I assure you it happened.